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4 Digital Classroom Activities for November

Can you believe it's already almost November? Time is flying by!

If you are looking for a new way for your students to explore holidays this month, you are in the right place. Here are 4 digital activities for your classroom this November:

Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month by letting your students learn about Native American history in the United States and by learning about Native American heroes of the past and today.

Students will explore the resource and use kid-friendly articles and videos to learn about this month. They can take notes with the included PDF and then complete the additional activities to learn even more.

Election Day

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Your students can learn more about the voting process, what midterm elections are for, and about the House and the Senate with engaging videos and activities.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is November 11. Help your students appreciate this holiday and honor Veterans by letting them dig in to the history of the holiday. There are articles and videos, comprehension and reflection questions, and an activity choice board.


This digital activity is perfect for that shortened Thanksgiving week. With these articles and videos, students can learn the truth about this holiday, answer comprehension questions, and complete activities from the choice board.

How to Assign on Google Classroom:

  1. Add the resource to your Google Drive from TPT.

  2. Open up Google Classroom.

  3. Add an assignment. Click on the Google Drive icon and select the resource you want to assign.

  4. Make sure to select 'Make a Copy for All Students'.

  5. Assign.

How to Incorporate Digital Activities into Your Classroom:

  • Have students explore the articles and videos during morning work, a reading rotation, or social studies time.

  • Go through the articles and videos as a class. Have student answer the comprehension and reflection questions independently.

  • Let students explore the slides throughout the week. Answer the questions together as a class.

  • After the students complete the resource, have a class discussion using the questions as a guide.

  • Use the activity choice boards as an early finisher activity.

You can purchase these activities separately or you can buy the bundle and save money!

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