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Best Vacation Opinion Writing Unit

We are just about to start our first opinion unit of the year and I. Am. Here. For. It. I love teaching writing. It’s so much fun to see my sweet students grow and improve their writing throughout the whole process!

Each year, I struggle to decide what topic to present for the opinion unit. I always strive to give my students CHOICE, but I don’t want to give them a topic so broad that they struggle to come up with a specific opinion to write about.

This year, we are starting with a Best Vacation Opinion Writing Unit. Students will pick a vacation place or activity and write about why they think it is the best vacation to go on.

Here are the mini-lessons I teach for Opinion Writing:

· Organize Opinion and Reasons

o You can download this Graphic Organizer for FREE by subscribing to my blog!

Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

· Research Facts about Vacation Place or Activity

· Write Introduction

· Write Body Paragraphs

· Spelling Consciousness

· Write Conclusion

· Linking Words

· Revision

· Peer Editing

· Publishing

The best part is that everything included in this unit is also available on Google Drive. This is so nice if you are in Hybrid or Distance Learning. My class is in person, but it is nice to be able to assign the same writing tasks digitally in the case that I have a quarantined student.

You can download all of my mini-lessons, student work pages (graphic organizer, body paragraph organizer, revision checklist, peer-editing checklist), example writing, rubric, conferring form, and teacher directions here.

This unit includes everything you need to thoroughly teach Opinion Writing to your students in grades 3, 4, or 5.

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