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Create a Peaceful Classroom Environment with Plant-Themed Decorations

It's that time of year again to start dreaming up your next classroom. I am always so excited to create a calming and peaceful learning environment for my students.

I have been working all summer on these beautiful plant-themed classroom décor and classroom management systems and can't wait to share them with you!

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Keep reading to learn about all of the resources that are available in this theme. Each resource can be purchased alone or in one of my bundles!

Schedule Cards

These schedule cards are ESSENTIAL in my classroom. It used to take me so much time to write my schedule each day. Now, I simply rearrange these cards to match my schedule. All I do is print, laminate, and attach magnet tape so it sticks to my whiteboard. The best part? Since I teach 4th grade, I have "schedule assistant" as a class job. So after the first month or so, students are able to switch out the day and the specials to reflect the next day's schedule. Such a time saver and so cute and easy for students to read and understand!

Job Display

Speaking of classroom jobs, that is my next resource! This has been a lifesaver in my classroom management. Year after year, kids love and thrive on having a responsibility in the classroom. You can read all about my classroom job system here.

To assemble, I simply use Velcro Dots to attach each student's name to a job card. It is super easy to switch out each month! The visual reminder is so helpful for everyone to remember what their job is.

Genre Posters

These genre posters are the resource that I get the most compliments on year after year. They are so cute and I love the cute hexagon shapes. These are decorative and are super useful for students to reference. Click here to read more about how I use genre posters to organize my library!

Subject Goals Display

These posters are so versatile and are also editable to meet your needs! In the past, I've used them to write my I Can statements for each subject. This year, I think I'm going to use them for my student's agenda planners.

Birthday Pack

I love making my students feel extra loved and special on their birthdays! This birthday pack includes display posters, editable student birthday pages, birthday cards, and a birthday activity choice form!


I love these banners because they are so cute, but mostly because I hate cutting out bulletin board letters! Anyone else with me? There are over 400 pages included so you can make any banner you need!


Every classroom needs a calendar to keep everything organized. This one has 8 different calendars to choose from, months, dates, and holidays.

Back to School Pack

This resource includes all of the back to school need-to-haves. All of the forms are editable! Included are meet the teacher templates, teacher contact cards, welcome cards and posters, binder covers, and binder spines. I can't wait to use these all year long!


I already mentioned that this is available in bundles!

The Ultimate Bundle includes all of the resources mentioned above. This bundle is over 1,000 pages!! It also includes a 40 page bonus file with completely editable labels and posters for you to customize for your classroom.

The Basics Bundle includes 5 of the resources above (schedule cards, subject goals display, banners, calendar, and back to school pack). This bundle also includes the same bonus file!

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