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Easy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In the Classroom and At Home

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Here are some super easy and fun ways to make a holiday extra fun in your classroom and at home!

I love holidays - at home and in the classroom. It’s fun to cook a special meal, spruce things up a little bit, and make some fun traditions and memories.

In the Classroom:

It’s fun to add a little fun into the day, but I like to keep the normal schedule and not disrupt it too much. Here are some things I like to do in my 4th grade classroom to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Wear green.

  • Cut out shamrocks on green construction paper for kids who don’t wear green. Pin it on their shirt for the day!

  • Put Lucky Charms in a Ziploc as an extra snack.

  • Write with a green pen all day.

  • Use a green dry-erase marker on the board.

At Home:

I am getting into celebrating holidays more and more with my kiddos at home. One thing I love to do is collect a small amount of decor/supplies for each holiday and store them in a rubbermaid container. Each year, I can easily get out the supplies for that holiday without spending extra money.

Here are some easy things I have done with my kids to make St. Patrick’s Day a fun holiday:

  • Wake up with a small scavenger hunt/message from a Leprechaun. We usually do some green streamers (from my holiday container) on their door, some sort of a mess, and a dry-erase marker note on the bathroom mirror. In the past, we have done green food coloring in the toilet bowl and the dog’s dish.

  • A small treat from mom/dad or the Leprechaun.

  • Lucky Charms for breakfast - if I have time, I like to add a little green food coloring to the milk to step it up. Last year, my mother-in-law gifted each kid with a fun bowl and spoon. I saved them in our holiday box and will pull them out for that morning.

  • Listen to traditional Irish music while getting ready and cooking.

  • Cook an Irish meal or order in from a local Pub. This year, we are going to make Shepherd’s Pie.

  • Make Shamrock Shakes at home! I added some mint chocolate chip ice cream to my Walmart pickup this week. I’ll use that, some milk, and some green food coloring to make shakes that we’ll have at supper.

  • Watch a fun movie - we love ‘The Luck of the Irish’ on Disney Plus.

  • Dress your kids in green.

  • Write each kid a note telling them how lucky you are to have them.

  • Read a St. Patrick’s Day book if you have one. If you don’t have one, find a read aloud on youtube to watch as a family.

I’d love to hear what you do for St. Patrick’s day! Comment below or on my Instagram and let me know what your favorite activities are in your classroom and at home!

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