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Homework Bingo - A Fun Homework Incentive

Do you struggle with students bringing back homework on time?

Do you struggle with parent involvement in what their kids are learning?

Do you want to add an easy reward system to your classroom to motivate students?

If any of those describe you, keep reading.

One of the best things I've implemented in my classroom is Homework Bingo. It's super easy, all you need is a laminated Homework Bingo poster. Like this one here. I print it as a poster and laminate it for students to use throughout the year.

Here are some ideas for Homework Bingo:

-When students bring back an assignment on time, they can sign.

-When students bring back a permission slip.

-When students' parents sign their planner. (Huge struggle in my classroom!)

I'm sure there are many more ways, but that's mostly how I use it in my classroom. It's a little extra motivation for students to complete various tasks. Once they complete a task, I have them choose a square to write their name in with a dry erase marker. They continue this throughout the week.

The following Monday, I choose two letters. The student(s) who signed in that box win for that week.

Here are some options for easy incentives for the winner(s):

-Sit with a special chair that day (rolly chair or Hokki stool)

-Use a pen that day

-Bring a piece of gum

-Shoes off in the classroom

-Sit with a pillow all day

-Do their work on the teacher's desk

-Use special supplies

-Switch spots with someone else in the classroom

Students will work extra hard to hand in work on time and have their parents sign their planners for a chance to win.

Want to try this in your classroom?! I have the poster, cards, and instructions for free in my TPT store.

Do you have something similar to Homework Bingo in your classroom? Do you have more ideas about how to use it or incentives to use? Drop a comment below!

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