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How to Teach Your Students about Women's History this March

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Are you looking for an activity for your students to learn more about women trailblazers and heroes during Women's History Month in March?

I love sharing the stories of incredible women of the past and present with my students and one easy way to do this is with this interactive resource for Google Slides.

Students can read about the history of Women's History Month and then research women trailblazers and heroes.

There are 20 highlighted women for students to research. My students love to look through the descriptions of each woman first and then go back and read the article and watch the video about the women they were most interested in.

Students can also take notes on the printable PDF as they research. This can be an easy way to practice finding the main idea and a few supporting details!

There are some comprehension questions at the end, which can lead to great discussions among your class throughout the month of March.

Last, but not least, there is a great activity choice board. This is perfect for students who finish early or are looking to explore more about Women's History Month!

You can use this resource in a variety of ways:

I hope this resource impacts your classroom in a positive way and helps your students appreciate the strides women have made over the years.

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