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How to Use Task Cards for Math Practice No Matter How You're Teaching This Year

One of my favorite things to do for math centers and rotations is to tape problems around my classroom and have students 'hunt' for them! While I'm able to do a modified version of that in-person, I know a lot of teachers are not able to.

Here are some ways Task Cards can be used if you are teaching Hybrid or Online:

  • Upload to Google Slides

A lot of Task Cards can be uploaded into Google Slides™ as a background (that way, students cannot edit/move the task card).

To make the task card editable for students, I insert a text box and type 'type answer here'. This makes it easier for students to know where to type. If the task card is multiple choice, I use a shape and have them drag the shape to their answer.

Then, assign the slides to your class on Google Classroom™. Make sure you click 'make a copy for each student' so they are all editing their own slides.

  • Upload to Google Forms

Another way to assign task cards is through Google Forms™. This can give you a little more control and is easier to create than Google Slides™.

You can upload your task card images to the question spots and then decide if you want students to answer in multiple choice or short answer.

If you are wanting some task cards that already have the work done for you, check out my task cards below:

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