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Math Easter Egg Hunt

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Math Easter egg hunts are a fun and creative way to engage elementary school students in the classroom. Not only do they provide an entertaining and enjoyable way to practice math skills, but they also help to reinforce important concepts in a playful manner. This blog post will provide helpful tips for planning a successful math Easter egg hunt in your elementary classroom.

First, create a list of math problems to include inside each egg. This can range from simple addition and subtraction problems, to more complex multiplication and division equations. Make sure that the problems are age-appropriate and that they are challenging enough to keep students engaged.

I have some resources already created if you don't have the time to make up your own math problems.

Each of these resources include problems ready to be stuffed into Easter eggs, recording pages, answer keys, and proficiency scales. They are the perfect activity to have some fun this spring!

Next, hide the eggs in areas around the classroom or school. You can assign specific areas to each student, or have them search the entire room. You can also add in clues to help them find the eggs.

When it's time to start the hunt, give each student a basket or bag to collect the eggs. Once they have all the eggs, have them solve the math problems inside each egg. Depending on the complexity of the problems, this can be an individual or group activity.

As a reward, you can offer small prizes or treats for each egg solved correctly. This will encourage students to keep searching and solve the problems.

Math Easter egg hunts are a great way to get students excited about math and to review important concepts. With the right planning, you can create a fun and successful hunt for your elementary classroom.

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