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Transform Your Students' Writing: 3rd-5th Grade Narrative Writing Unit

Does reading your students' narrative writing make you cringe? Mine used to.

I remember stories that. . .

  • Didn't make any sense.

  • Would go on, and on, and on.

  • Would be a constant string of dialogue.

  • Started with "Hi, my name is _____ and today I'm going to tell you about _____.

  • Ended with "Well, that's my story. Bye."

Ugh. I knew I needed to ramp up my narrative instruction.

So, I created these easy-to-follow mini-lessons that target each specific sub-standard of Narrative Writing.

Since then, my students' writing. . .

  • Became easier and FUN to read.

  • Follows a clear sequence.

  • Makes SENSE!

  • Has a fun introduction.

  • Wraps up the story in a meaningful way.

In this unit, students will write a story of their choice. They will draft a narrative. Then, they will add an introduction and conclusion. They will include transitional words, dialogue/description, and sensory details. They will revise, edit, and publish their writing.

These are the mini-lessons included:

  • Story Elements

  • Planning the Plot

  • Drafting

  • Spelling Consciousness

  • Introduction

  • Conclusion

  • Transitional Words

  • Dialogue/Description

  • Sensory Details

  • Revision

  • Editing

  • Publishing

I have done my best to make this unit super easy for you to teach the mini-lessons, guide your students through the writing process, and assess your students.

Best of all?

This unit can be used Face-to-Face, Distance Learning, or Hybrid Learning.

All of the presentation slides and student documents are linked to Google Drive.

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