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Transform Your Students' Writing: 3rd-5th Grade Narrative Writing Unit

Does reading your students' narrative writing make you cringe? Mine used to.

I remember stories that. . .

  • Didn't make any sense.

  • Would go on, and on, and on.

  • Would be a constant string of dialogue.

  • Started with "Hi, my name is _____ and today I'm going to tell you about _____.

  • Ended with "Well, that's my story. Bye."

Ugh. I knew I needed to ramp up my narrative instruction.

So, I created these easy-to-follow mini-lessons that target each specific sub-standard of Narrative Writing.

Since then, my students' writing. . .

  • Became easier and FUN to read.

  • Follows a clear sequence.

  • Makes SENSE!

  • Has a fun introduction.

  • Wraps up the story in a meaningful way.

In this unit, students will write a story of their choice. They will draft a narrative. Then, they will add an introduction and conclusion. They will include transitional words, dialogue/description, and sensory details. They will revise, edit, and publish their writing.

These are the mini-lessons included:

  • Story Elements

  • Planning the Plot

  • Drafting

  • Spelling Consciousness

  • Introduction

  • Conclusion

  • Transitional Words

  • Dialogue/Description

  • Sensory Details

  • Revision

  • Editing

  • Publishing

I have done my best to make this unit super easy for you to teach the mini-lessons, guide your students through the writing process, and assess your students.

Best of all?

This unit can be used Face-to-Face, Distance Learning, or Hybrid Learning.

All of the presentation slides and student documents are linked to Google Drive.

You can click here to check out the Narrative Writing unit.

Interested in a sample? Click here to subscribe to my blog. You will receive an email with a password for my FREE RESOURCES page. Then, you can download a sample of the first two mini-lessons and student pages!

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