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Where to Find Affordable Flexible Seating Options for your Classroom

It’s no secret that Flexible Seating has been becoming more and more popular. I have been slowly incorporating it into my classroom each year and finally last year we had 100% flexible seating. There are many places you can go to read about the ins and outs of flexible seating, you can check out these great resources!

I am going to address the most common Flexible Seating questions that I get:

“Where do you get the seating?”
“Who pays for it?”

These were questions that I was unsure of at first, too, which is why I gradually got into Flexible Seating. I pay for most of my flexible seating myself. I can use my classroom budget for it, if it allows. In this post, I’m going to tell you where I find my flexible seating and will link the products when possible.

Here are my top 5 places to find Flexible Seating options for my classroom:

Five Below

I had never heard of this store until I became a teacher, but it has become a favorite for me. The products are $5 and below, which is awesome. Some things stand the test of time and some don’t.

Here are some things that have held up in my classroom from Five Below:



-Exercise Balls (Tip: Pour some salt in them before you inflate. It weighs them down so they don’t roll away!)


Being from ND, I have never actually been in an IKEA either. BUT, they do have super good deals for cheap classroom furnishings.

I love these black stools. They are $6 apiece. They have lasted pretty well, considering the price. I use them for my small group table. You will need to make sure students don’t lean on them or they will break!

FB Marketplace

This is such a great tool and I have found a couple great things on here. My favorite find is this futon, which was only $25! It is brown originally, but I just buy a black fitted sheet (queen or king) from Walmart and then use my staple gun to attach it to the futon!


Walmart has some super affordable furniture. (Tip: Look in the dorm area! Right before students are heading to college, they always have great deals!)

There are so many things you can get from Walmart, obviously. But, here are some of my favorites that I’ve found for my classroom!

Chair Cushions – I don’t actually put these on a chair, I use them for my floor tables. Mine have held up for 2 years.

Pillows – I have a lounge pillow and a body pillow. Great for students who are sitting up against a wall. I have also used body pillows as floor pillows in the past!

Side Tables – This set of side tables was $12! I set them side my side to create a little larger work space.

Garage Sales

There’s no telling what treasures you can find at garage sales! If you are patient, you will definitely find some great things for your classroom.

I love this tall desk that used to be a computer desk. It goes perfectly with my stool or it can be used as a standing table.

I also found this little side table that a lot of kids loved to work on.

Overall, the message I want to convey is that you don't need to break the bank in order to implement Flexible Seating. You don't even have to implement it all at once. My first few years, I used a ton of pillows for students to sit with. They loved it!

You will not probably pick or find the same things as me, but whatever you do find, I know your students will love it and appreciate it!

If you already do Flexible Seating, where do you love to look for new seating options? Let me know in the comments!

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